e3 Consulting employs holistic approach to helping students

By Kathy Day

Rebecca Hayes, owner of a company that helps “educate, enrich and empower” individual students, said she thought outside the box when she started e3 Consulting.

The daughter of a teacher and a small business owner, she said she knew early on that she enjoyed working with students but also knew that she didn’t see herself in a typical school setting.

“I could picture what it looked like,” she said. “So I just jumped in.”

A graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in special education, Hayes opened e3 in August after seven years as co-owner of Mindful Mentoring. Her new endeavor is to provide “consistent, quality educational therapy and consultation” with programs offering a physical outlet and character-building skills.

It’s not a typical tutoring or counseling center. Hayes said she prides herself on focusing on the whole child, “staying close and building the kids up” because without self-confidence their chances for success are diminished.

If parents notice a dip in their child’s self-confidence, that’s the time to pick up the phone and seek support, she added. “That’s often when kids start to get in trouble.”

That includes visiting teachers and school staff and observing how her charges are doing in their daily settings, offering family and individual counseling and even nutrition counseling.

And now, in addition to the one-on-one work at the center, she’s offering Surf Sessions or Beach Sculpt. There’s also a summer learning camp.

On Sundays, the boys in the surfing program meet at the beach with their instructor who teaches them to surf while emphasizing camaraderie, ocean and life awareness, and character building.

Meanwhile, for the girls, e3 offers Beach Sculpt, although Hayes said she eventually will add Surf Sessions for girls, as well.

The girls meet at the office and walk the few blocks to the beach for a similar focus that mixes Pilates and yoga with life lessons.

With a staff of 11 that includes teachers, coaches and surfing instructors, as well as a family therapist, SAT/ACT prep instructor and a counselor who assists families with the complicated process of figuring out college and scholarship applications, e3 Consulting can help families in a variety of ways.

“Families don’t come to us to push grades,” Hayes said. Instead, the reasons may be learning disabilities or a family struggle — perhaps divorce or illness — or because a youngster is “struggling socially or closing off.”

Typically, she noted, students come twice a week for private sessions with the other activities supplementing the individual work. There are no contracts or agreements, but most families enroll for about a year.

“These rates all vary, though I have kept them extremely reasonable, for I want these families to be able to afford our services,” she added.

Her success stories include a boy, now a seventh grader who was born with cleft lip. “He was broken, struggling academically and had no self-confidence or self-awareness. Now he’s an almost straight-“A” student, plays lacrosse, surfs and plays the guitar.”

Another is Kara Guthrie’s third-grade son Keenan. He’s been working with Hayes twice a week for about a year and a half, Guthrie said.

Diagnosed with dysgraphia — a learning disability that affects writing skills — and with dyslexia, Keenan had major anxiety attacks every Monday when it was time to go to school, his mom said.

“Since we started working with Becky, his grades have gone up every quarter,” she added. On top of that, he’s jumped from the 29th percentile to the 88th in his standardized test scores in just a year.

And, most days, he’s beyond the Monday-morning trauma.

“Becky understands his challenges,” Guthrie said. “When she’s on campus she’ll even sends me reassuring texts.”

It’s that connection with not just the students, but their families, doctors and teachers that is what Hayes says sets her business apart.

Learn more about e3 Consulting at ethreeconsulting.com, (858) 755-7877 or stop by the office at 2190 Carmel Valley Road, Ste. A, Del Mar, 92014.