Election 2012: amidst political uncertainty, geriatric care managers offer alternatives for planning senior health care services


By Colleen Van Horn, RN, B.S.N., PHN, CCM

With just weeks of campaigning left before the presidential election, media coverage of key concerns like the economy and health care has escalated to a dizzying degree. But as partisan debates and punditry flood the airwaves, it becomes increasingly difficult for elderly individuals and their families to plan ahead when it comes to government-funded

senior health care services

  1. Regardless of their political affiliations, many older Americans rely on


funding for retirement and health care planning. Amidst election year uncertainty, professional geriatric care managers offer experience and guidance to help seniors organize their healthcare and plan for the future – regardless of changes to the political landscape.

Both presidential candidates claim to be protectors of Medicare and its dependents. This leaves it is up to voters to decide which nominee’s plan will be the most effective at curbing rising program costs while still maintaining protection for seniors in need of care. Yet, as noted in a recent piece for the

New York Times

, both parties continue to alter their Medicare proposals – and keep many of the pertinent details under wraps. The upshot? Regardless of who wins in November, it is virtually impossible for individuals to predict their health care costs in the years ahead. Under these circumstances, seniors and their families are likely to experience heightened stress and confusion as they work to budget for medical services, in-home caregiving, assisted living needs and so on. But with help from a geriatric care manager, it is possible for seniors to develop an individualized plan and forge a lifelong support network – so that, no matter what lies ahead for health care in America, reliable guidance is just a phone call away.

Geriatric care management in San Diego: Innovative Healthcare Consultants


Innovative Healthcare Consultants

, we provide geriatric care management services to seniors and their families. Our trained professionals work with clients to help them meet long-term care needs on an individual basis. With us, there is no one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we base our recommendations on customized consultations and a lifelong support approach that encompasses each client’s physical, emotional and financial needs and evolves to suit their changing circumstances. In the midst of changing health care laws, expert funding and caregiving advice and resources can make all the difference to seniors struggling to make ends meet and maintain quality of life. Learn how to take the stress out of health care planning today, and contact us at Innovative Healthcare Consultants to set up a consultation with one of our

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