Election results for local school bonds

By Karen Billing

As of Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 7, both local school district bond propositions had not reached the 55 percent voter approval needed to pass in the Nov. 6 election, by very slim margins. General obligation bonds require 55 percent of the vote to pass — the San Dieguito Union School District’s Prop AA received 54.47 percent of the vote, while the Del Mar Union School District’s Prop CC received 53.20 percent of the vote.

Additionally, the Miracosta Community College’s bond Prop EE was also short of the needed votes, just shy of 55 percent with 54 percent voting “Yes.”

However absentee and provisional ballots had yet to be tallied.

“As it stands this morning [Nov. 7], Proposition AA has 54.4 [percent] of the affirmative vote, .6 percent, or 290 votes, short of the necessary threshold to pass,” said Ken Noah, superintendent of the San Dieguito Union High School District. “It is our understanding that there are still approximately 475,000 absentee and provisional ballots to tally in the county. Of that total, we anticipate that there are approximately 20,000 additional votes to count in the San Dieguito Union High School District. We are hopeful that the final results will be available within the week.”

Suzanne Hall, co-chair of the Committee for Quality Del Mar Schools, also said there may be a chance that Prop CC will pass once the absentee and provisional ballots are counted.

If the bond fails to reach the 55 percent approval needed, Hall said that although the majority of voters did support the bond it is disappointing that the current economic climate prevented enough voters from backing the bond.

“It is unlikely that Sacramento will return to funding school facilities and technology any time soon, if ever,” Hall said in a statement on behalf of the committee. “This will ultimately force the DMUSD into dipping into teaching and learning funds for every repair, safety and technology need in the future. We sincerely hope that looming cuts to the DMUSD budget will not be difficult to reverse should revenues ever return.”

DMUSD Superintendent Holly McClurg released the following statement on the impacts to the district should the bond remain unapproved: “The school district, in these challenging times, has significant needs and the focus of Prop CC was to make a stable source of local funding available to address those needs,” McClurg said. “The district will work hard to identify alternative ways to address the significant needs that continue to exist in the district.”

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