Emerald should call for Filner’s resignation


The following letter was directed to Marti Emerald, San Diego City Council, and submitted to this newspaper for publication.

I am a 50-year-old woman residing with my husband and two children in Carmel Valley. I want to express my disgust in you for your support of Bob Filner. You are such a hypocrite. Back in the fall, before the election, you put out an ad for Sherri Lightner saying that Ray Ellis has offended every woman in San Diego. Which is totally untrue. I even wrote an editorial for the UT after the garbage that came from your mouth!

I have known Ray and his wife Gina for 25 years. He is the most philanthropic, honest, decent men I have ever met in my life. I think you should have saved those words about Ray for that creep Bob Filner! You knew what kind of man Filner was and still supported him through the election and still support him now. Disgusting! Bob Filner has offended every woman in San Diego and you have too! You should really be ashamed of yourself. You need to do the right thing and call for Filner’s resignation!

Katie Clapp