Esteemed Del Mar educator honored for work

This week the Del Mar schools community, teachers, parents and students will gather to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Janet Lamborghini.

Janet served 16 years, longer than most elected officials, from 1992-2008 where she helped guide the expansion of our district to its current eight schools. As her obituary stated, she “was a vigorous advocate for all students, and worked hard to maintain excellence in education during a challenging period of rapid growth.”

In addition to this leadership, Janet always maintained a hands-on approach working on behalf of individual students at my own children’s school, Del Mar Heights. She tutored and taught math to fifth and sixth graders and served as a coach for geography and math Olympiad. This work continued at the Heights even after she stepped off the Board of Trustees in 2008. She also served as The Dollars for Scholars treasurer at Torrey Pines High School.

At her last meeting in the fall of 2008, Janet reflected on her career and stated that a remaining goal to be accomplished was the combining of the Del Mar Hills and Del Mar Heights into a more collaborative model. Since these two schools share a common attendance boundary, she reflected that some sort of merging (pre-k to second grade at one site, with 3rd to 6th grade at the other) would better maximize district resources and could allow for more expansive programs and innovations.

I happen to agree with Janet so at our next DMUSD Board of Trustees meeting I plan to request that the superintendent and board appoint a committee to study the possibility of the “Lamborghini model.” Such collaboration could free up space and district resources to allow for an expanded ESC type academy, a language program or even a STEM-type magnet program at these schools. Janet’s commitment to learning excellence and willingness to innovate should be the guiding force as we explore the “Lamborghini Model.”

Doug Perkins

Doug Perkins is a local small business owner and a member of the Del Mar Union School District Board of Trustees.