Evacuation instructions for large animals offered

San Diego County currently is under a Red Alert for firestorms. The staff of the

Del Mar Fairgrounds

would like to assist stable owners and managers, trainers and owners of horses with evacuation plans in the event of a firestorm in San Diego County, and the probability that your horses will be transported to the Del Mar Fairgrounds or Del Mar Horsepark for shelter.

During the 2007 firestorms, the Fairgrounds housed about 2,200 horses and other large animals. We also sheltered animals during the 2003 Cedar fire. Based on what we learned in meetings with staff from the County’s Office of Emergency Services, Animal Control, volunteers, veterinarians, and evacuees, we would like to provide information as to what to expect once you arrive at the Fairgrounds with your horses.

Before your horses leave your home or stables, please:

  • Make sure they have halters, lead ropes and water buckets.
  • Make sure the horses are identified. If your horse does not have their name on its halter, put duct tape on it with its name and your phone number. We’ve seen phone numbers painted on the sides and hooves of horses as well.
  • If you have time, please load some hay on your trailers. While the Fairgrounds can order hay while providing shelter, its delivery can be delayed if highways are closed due to the fires.
  • Pack general first aid supplies, such as antiseptic ointments and bandaging materials.

When your horses arrive at our facility, the driver of each vehicle hauling horses will be given a form to fill out for each horse. This form may be downloaded here [PDF document], in case you wish to print it and fill in your information before your horses are evacuated.
Our staff and volunteers will do their best to get the trailers into the barn areas quickly, get the animals unloaded and into stalls. Passenger vehicles may be diverted to be parked in another area. This will be done to facilitate the sheltering of your animals, so that the trailers and vans may leave as quickly as possible to pick up more animals being evacuated and requiring shelter.

In the event of an evacuation, please call (858) 755-1161 for information. You will be prompted to enter # 1 to reach the Stable Office.

We hope this information will be helpful to you while you are making your plans in the event of evacuation.

For more information, please contact:

Del Mar Fairgrounds


SOURCE: Del Mar Fairgrounds