Excessive speed of traffic in Del Mar troubling

Relocating to Del Mar from San Francisco 14 months ago has proven incredible for my young family. With friendly neighbors and beautiful views, we love Del Mar. Despite the warm reception to the community, we were astonished by the lack of respect of both local and visiting drivers.

I write to you in hopes of raising awareness of the excessive speed of traffic we have witnessed. Our house is located just off 8th Street. Many locals and visitors use our street as a bypass to and from their house and the village. Our quiet residential street is unsafe with cars traveling at excessive speeds. We have contacted the local offices of both the Sheriff and San Diego Police Department. They have both been receptive to the issue and have followed through with stepped up speed control.

Our love for Del Mar continues but, unfortunately, our frustration with the lack of respect of local speed limits has grown. I dread the day a car collision occurs or, worse, a pedestrian is hit due to drivers traveling at unsafe speeds. Please help maintain the peaceful existence of this amazing beach-side community by slowing down. Thank you.

Scott Shelly

Del Mar