Eyes brighten up with Karam


Many people find themselves being frequently asked, “Are you tired?” or “Did you get enough sleep last night?” Or they look in the mirror and wonder why they look so tired when they feel great. Despite feeling rested, the dark circles beneath the eyes can give the appearance of looking fatigued. This impression clearly has important social, professional and personal implications.

This is a common reason why people come in to see Dr. Amir M. Karam at Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery. The exciting news is that Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery has never had better treatments available to treat this problem. It is important to understand what causes this in the first place. Commonly, the dark circles underneath the eyes are caused by hollowing which results from loss of fat around the eyes. This fat loss gives the eyes a sunken and darkened appearance, which creates the impression of fatigue, loss of vitality and, of course, aging.

This can be genetic, as seen in younger patients, or related to the aging process. Conceptually, the treatment is simple, if loss of fat makes the eyes look hollow, dark and tired, then replacing the lost fat should make the eyes look bright, full, and refreshed. This is exactly what happens after micro fat transfer.

This procedure is commonly performed in the office setting without general anesthesia. Within the one-hour procedure, the fat is collected from the thighs or stomach using a gentle liposuction technique. Once injected and the volume is restored, the eyes appear more youthful, less tired, and healthier. The living grafts provide a permanent correction once the fat tissue has established a blood supply.

Facial fat transfer is a highly technical procedure and requires expertise and experience to ensure an excellent and lasting result. For more information and to make and an appointment for a complimentary consultation, call (858) 259-3223 or visit


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