Falcons Elite 5th Grade Gold Team Sol League Champions

photo (7)Congratulations to the Falcons Elite 5th Grade Gold Team for winning the San Diego Sol League Championship! The team maintained a close lead to win their final game against PB Streetballers, who were previously 10-0 on the season. The Falcons Elite 5th Grade Gold Team advanced to the championship game by winning 50-24. Then in the championship game against the PB Streetballers, they were trailing 14-8 at the half, but outscored the PB Streetballers 24-15 in the second half to win 32-29.

Pictured (from left): 1st row: Ezra Park, Tate Nelson, Nate Witte, Max Gouvalaris; 2nd row: Diego Campisano, Tyler Wittenberg, Joost de Jong, Aiden Patterson, Corey Cox; 3rd row: Jake Gilliam, Ben Anjomshoaa, Griffin Jimenez, J.J. Brull. Not pictured: Duncan Hawe.