Del Mar Farmers Market to relocate

The Del Mar Farmers Market is set to relocate to Upper Shores Park at 225 9th Street, starting June 4.

With the imminent demolition and construction of City Hall, the Farmers Market will be temporarily relocating to the Upper Shores Park, one block South of its current site of operation. Del Mar city staff worked with the Del Mar Farmers Market to secure the new site, with approval from the Del Mar Planning Commission and City Council. Thirty years ago, with the hard work of a handful of Del Mar citizens, the Del Mar Farmers Market was created to fill the need for fresh produce after the local grocery market closed. The Farmers Market has operated in the parking lot of the City Hall between 10th and 11th Streets ever since.

Parking for the Farmers Market will be in the Lower Shores area, accessible from Stratford Court. Those on foot will have easy access walking from 225 9th Street.

Customers of the Del Mar Farmers Market will enjoy the same quality, friendly event every Saturday, from 1-4 p.m. at 225 9th Street, Del Mar.