Farinsky wants to keep residents in the know


As an eight-year member of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board and a 15-year resident, Ken Farinsky knows the area pretty well. Whether voicing his concerns during board meetings or making updates to his Web site Carmel Valley Now, Farinsky’s priorities are making sure residents are well-informed and making sure projects in Carmel Valley are done right.

“I like the way people are involved and care about what goes on here - people who want to keep it a great place to live,” said Farinsky

Farinsky is up for re-election in March and said he is ready to tack on another two years to his service ledger. However, he said, if a new voice were eager to join the board, he would be willing to step back.

“It’s always great to get new people in with different points of view,” Farinsky said.

Always involved

Farinsky lives in Carmel Valley with his wife and two daughters, both students at Carmel Valley Middle School. He works from his home office as a computer programmer for a company on the east coast.

Farinsky first started getting involved in the community while helping plan the Summer Serenades concert series put on by the Carmel Valley Recreation Center. He ended up joining the recreation council to help manage the concerts and the local parks.

To keep up with community business and also spread the word about the concerts, he started attending planning board meetings. In seeing what they did on the board, he jumped at the chance to join.

“I seem to be involved in too many things,” Farinsky said. “I can’t get myself not to attend meetings.”

In addition to being a planning board member, he is also still on the recreation council and attends most planning board subcommittee meetings.

He shares a wealth of information with the community through cvsd.com. The Web site was even a resource during the confusion that accompanied the wildfires last October, with people posting information about the status of their neighborhoods and evacuations.

“I don’t know how he finds the time for all he does for the community but we are truly lucky to have him,’ said board member Laura Copic.

Copic said that Farinsky is bright, objective and always willing to take on the “thankless tasks” that no one else is willing to do, like rewriting bylaws and planning yearly elections.

Future development

In addition to making sure that the community has enough parks, Farinsky said he always keeps an eye on future development.

Farinsky said future board challenges include traffic and the development of the last two major lots in Carmel Valley: a proposed development at the corner of Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real and re-development of the Del Mar Highlands Town Center. Farinsky said the latter has plans approved to upgrade and possibly add square footage.

Farinksy said that one of his goals is to make sure any new construction is “appropriate for its location and not overdeveloped.”


AGE: 48

OCCUPATION: Computer programmer

ROLE ON THE PLANNING BOARD: For eight years has represented Neighborhood Three, the homes off High Bluff Drive north of Del Mar Heights Road and west of El Camino Real.

FAMILY: Along with his wife and two daughters, has lived in Carmel Valley for 15 years.