Farmer Chef to speak at the Solana Beach Garden Club

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m., Mil Krecu, also known as the Farmer Chef, will be presenting the program “From the Farm to the Table.” The topic will cover planting, preserving and cooking the vegetables you grow.

Mil Krecu was born in a farming community in Yugoslavia. At an early age he immigrated with his family to New York City and later moved to Los Angeles. These cosmopolitan environments sparked an enthusiasm for foods around the world. This, combined with his rural roots and love of fresh seasonal produce, led to his growing, cooking and perfecting foods. Krecu also brings to the meeting his experience as an organizer, developer and manager of organic farms.

Attend the event at the Center for Healthy Living, which is directly behind the Boys and Girls Club at 533 Lomas Santa Fe Drive. For more information, visit