Father’s soul left ‘shattered’ from loss




It was a heartbreaking farewell for a North County teenager who was killed in an alleged drunken driving crash.

“Part of me died with my son on that fateful night, leaving a pain and emptiness that has broken my heart and shattered my soul,” Michael Capozza said.

Hundreds showed up for a memorial service Monday in Del Mar for Alexander Capozza.

The celebration of life was held in a park, right near the surf, which was described as a healing place for Alex.

His father talked about how they learned to surf together and would surf locally and around the world. It was one of many memories shared.

“It would take me another 17 years to relay all my wonderful memories of this fine young man, my son and my friend,” Capozza said.

“I pray that we’ll pause to contemplate the fragility of life and the importance of each and every decision, each and every action that we take.”

The deadly crash was a severe blow to Torrey Pines High School, where Alex was a student and clearly loved.

“Every one of us can learn from the way Alex lived. We have a lot to learn from Alex and the way he chose to treat others. The attitude he brought to life,” said Alex’s wrestling coach, Jesse Mindlin.

At one point, they prayed for all young drivers, that they would use wisdom.

The priest who officiated spoke directly to the students and asked if they will go back to life as usual, or if they will help complete the song of his life. You can make his life live on, he said, in the good choices you make.

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