FBC plan falls short

I watched the Del Mar Council meeting on TV last night, and what I heard was not quiet approvals, but emphatic disapproval of a proposed Form Based Code.

Full Design Review Board process is what is wanted (control) but is not what the FBC is really all about. A real FBC is a very detailed expression (in words and pictures) of what the “community” wants the downtown to look like — so detailed that a developer can read and look at it and propose something that should pass approval of a planning director for having met those details. That is what FBC is supposed to do, and Del Mar can’t let that happen!

Therefore, because of that issue, plus parking requirements, development benefits required, lack of city financial participation and basic economics, we will have spent a lot of time, money and frustration for another plan to put on the shelf! If this is not true, please explain why.

Ralph Peck

Del Mar