First Lego League Team ‘Electrosharks’ in Carmel Valley completes 2013/14 season

“Electrosharks,” a year-round entirely parent-run first lego league robotics team located in Torrey Hills, composed of current and former 3rd-5th grade students from Ocean Air Elementary School, has completed its 2013/14 season after competing in two formal events — the last being the Legoland FLL Cup held Feb. 16.

The team has met continually for one to four hours per week on Fridays and/or Sundays for the last three years, and this is their third season competing. During the season, the boys communicated and interviewed firefighters and other disaster response professionals who could educate them on the issues associated with fighting and preventing damage from wildfires. They also put together and programmed one small prototype fire-fighting robot along with several other robots dedicated to completing FLL challenge missions. The team participated in the qualifying tournament at the Preuss School near UC San Diego in November.

The team roster included the following students (some students may have left or recently joined — especially as the time requirements have increased and the need for the group to stay small, cohesive, and highly effective has filtered out those with lower level of interest):

Ocean Air: Matthew Kang, Alexander Hecker, Alex Tahan, Ehsun Yazdani, Simon Lim, Henry Lee, Joey Stack, Cian Schott; Home School/Kolbe Academy, formerly Ocean Air: Paul Marlowe, Thomas Marlowe; Solana Beach, formerly Ocean Air: Albert Hwang.