Fletcher Cove Community Center: No evidence of the dreamed up ‘parking crisis’

I am a resident on Pacific Ave., not that many houses away from the Fletcher Cove Community Center. Some of my immediate neighbors are claiming that allowing private events at the Community Center will be an unreasonable burden on their (and my) neighborhood. However, just like my wife and I did, those neighbors intentionally chose to live in an area immediately adjacent to the principal beach for Solana Beach residents and visitors as well as the central downtown area. And all of us also chose to live adjacent to a Community Center that has been there since the 1940s.

One of the claims these neighbors are now making is that Solana Beach residents going to private events at the Community Center will use up the parking needed for local businesses.

Forget the fact that shippers in the local businesses are highly unlikely to park in the spaces near the Community Center because they aren’t within convenient walking distance to most businesses, most local businesses close hours before any private events are likely to be held at the Community Center.

More telling is that the several studies done of parking availability in the area around the Community Center found no evidence of this dreamed up “parking crisis.” The city recently had to find out where the cars went that used to park all day at the Distillery Lot when the lot changed to a four-hour limit. What’s really interesting is that after the new four-hour rule went in there was never more than 50 percent of the Distillery parking spaces that were full.

Further, the EIR (environmental impact report) done of the potential use of the Community Center for private use found no parking crisis and another independent study done on the potential private use of the Community Center also found no parking crisis. That study commissioned within the last several months by the City Council, stated that “

There are not expected to be adverse impacts to

the City’s General and Specific Plans, zoning, land use, housing funding for infrastructure, schools, parks, traffic,


, open space, business retention and employment, vacant parcels, agriculture, business districts, or areas designated for revitalization.”

Finally, if the neighbors think that private use of the Community Center is going to be so onerous (again, I’m closer to the Community Center than many of them and I certainly don’t think that’s case) why aren’t the neighbors not up in arms about all the marathons, all the bicycle races, weekly Concerts in the Cove in the summer, etc?

Will the next complaining be about people parking to go swimming or surfing or parking to watch whales or surfers or sunsets?

Gary Garber,

Solana Beach