Carmel Valley flute student receives highest marks in state for music assessments

Praveena Ratnavel Courtesy photo
Praveena Ratnavel Courtesy photo

Carmel Valley Middle School student Praveena Ratnavel received the State Certificate of Excellence from The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program for her 2015 level 5 flute assessments.

According to Janet Lopinski, senior director of Academic Programs at the Royal Conservatory, “The State Certificate of Excellence is awarded to students achieving the highest mark in their examination state. To be eligible they must also have completed the theory co-requisites for their respective level and discipline.”

The Music Development Program also awards National Gold Medals to students receiving the highest marks in the nation. Praveena received the National Gold Medal two years ago.

“These awards are an exceptional distinction. They are the result of hard work, dedication, and commitment. They also represent a national standard of musical achievement upheld by the invaluable support provided by family and teacher,” says Lopinski.

In honor of her achievement, Praveena will perform at the Music Development Program Festival of Excellence taking place at USC Thornton School of Music on Saturday, Jan. 16. Praveena is 12 years old and has studied flute for three years with Tiffany Covell.