Forgo the rental tax

I urge the Del Mar City Council to reconsider its effort to tax short-term vacation rentals.

I object to last week’s article stating “the city incurs a lot of cost that we’re not being reimbursed for.”

Quite the contrary, I see vacationers filling our restaurants, cafes, bistros, shops and markets.

They appear to be having a wonderful time spending money in Del Mar. Indeed, many have saved all year just for this opportunity to abundantly experience all the wonders of Del Mar.

It would do a great disservice to deny vacationing visitors a choice of rentals. Ask any Del Mar business owner.

Councilman Carl Hilliard wrote a column in the Del Mar Times not long ago. He felt it was a nice idea that folks were able to supplement their income occasionally. Where are you, Carl?

Forgo the rental tax. Forgo an additional licensing fee to administer this program. Let the free market reign.

Instead, roll out the welcome mat. Let Del Mar thrive!

Jill Cary

Del Mar