Found: Correction of parking problem in Del Mar


First, what is the parking problem in Del Mar? Obviously, not being able to find a parking space when you want one! There is no parking problem in Del Mar at 5 a.m. any morning, but there probably is at 5 p.m. every afternoon, especially between 13th and 15th, on weekends and holidays.

Next, who is responsible for the parking problem in Del Mar? Obviously, government!

When Del Mar was founded, the government that controlled planning was the county, and there were no parking requirements when Stratford Square was built. So that huge, iconic building at the corner of 15th doesn’t provide one parking space! Result – a parking problem today. And that goes for most of the buildings between 13th and 15th.

In 1959, Del Mar became a city so that the residents can control their own destiny. So, they adopted parking regulations to require parking spaces be provided for new businesses. Result – a bigger parking problem today! Why? The city government hasn’t enforced its own regulations. Just read the list of properties in Del Mar Mr. Conkwright has continually listed that have been developed without providing the required parking per the city’s own regulations. His list doesn’t even include the two restaurant/bars in Stratford Square that cause most of the parking problem.

Next, correction of the parking problem – city government acquiring property between 13th and 15th (the most demand for parking not provided for) and building a parking structure (below and above ground). While the parking problem will never be solved in a successful business area, that would go a long way to correcting errors of the past caused by government!

Ralph Peck

Del Mar