Foundation announces BMW Raven Raffle winners

Canyon Crest Academy Foundation’s novel fundraising approach has paid off in a big way for grand prizewinner Damon Barone and for the school’s academic, arts and athletics programs. Barone, who has a nephew at CCA, had purchased two tickets for the raffle.

“I really had no expectations of winning the grand prize, but wanted to support my nephew’s education. I knew the money was going to a good cause so it really was a win- win situation,” he said.

Barone has visited the CCA campus to watch his nephew play baseball.

“It’s really a great school and I know Tyler enjoys it there. I’m glad I could contribute in some way,” he added.

He has chosen to accept the $25,000 cash prize in lieu of the 2010 BMW 328i, since he’d just purchased a new car six months ago.

The $1,500 second-place prize went to Margaret Miller and Laine Lansing took the $1,000 third-place award. The foundation’s vice president of fundraising, Eileen Silverman, announced that the raffle helped the foundation raise more than $30,000 for Canyon Crest Academy. She noted that CCA, like many other public schools, increasingly relies on donations to bridge the gap between state funding and the school’s actual financial needs. “Our students are the real winners in this raffle,” she said.

“While we understand the impact of today’s harsh economic realities, we’re also acutely aware of how vital it is for families to support the educational programs that their students benefit from every day. The raffle provided another opportunity to contribute to those programs,” Silverman said. “The BMW Raven Raffle was a fun, new way to support the school. We’re delighted that so many families chose to participate and offer our congratulations to Mr. Barone and all of our winners.”

She noted that even in today’s difficult economic climate, 56 percent of CCA families have contributed to the foundation this year and pointed out that many of the school’s notable academic, arts and athletic programs would not be possible without donations from CCA families and the community.

The complete list of winners — ranging from the $25,000 grand prize to $75 awards are posted on the foundation’s website,

  1. Several CCA teachers were among the winners of $75 prizes.

The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation is a nonprofit, parent volunteer organization dedicated to realizing CCA’s educational programs and priorities through financial, volunteer and community support. To learn more about the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, please visit


BMW Encinitas and Rosner Brown Touchstone & Keller, LLP Certified Public Accountants were co-sponsors of the BMW Raven Raffle. There were 60 prizes awarded in all and tickets were $40 each. Ticket sales, which were available to the public, were limited to 3,000 and the raffle closed on March 23.