‘Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center’ responsible for costly election

Residents of Solana Beach received a postcard and email this past week from the so called “Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center” organization. The postcard urges residents to tell the City Council not to spend $200,000 on a special election regarding the use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. The truth of the matter is that this small group refused to accept the reasonable policy that City Council established in August and insisted on letting the “voters decide.”

This group collected petition signatures (using paid representatives) and turned in their signatures to the Registrar of Voters deliberately triggering a special election. Now they are trying to fool residents into thinking they had nothing to do with it. Their actions are forcing the City Council into a tough position...either reverse the Council’s position and accept their liberal party policy initiative for the Fletcher Cove Community Center or let the voters decide at a special election. If the City Council chooses to adopt their party policy initiative and problems arise, the Council has no authority to revise the policy. The postcard mailer was very misleading. However, Solana Beach voters are a sophisticated group and will see through this trickery. The “Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center” organization have only themselves to blame for a costly $200,000 special election.

Richard Jacobs

Solana Beach