From Rec All-Star Conversion to Perennial Contender

Five years ago, Carmel Valley dad and coach Marc Muchnick took a Sharks Recreational All-Star Team to the Manchester Soccer Club to see if they could compete in the world of competitive youth soccer. That year the team was designated as an AA-C team and went undefeated through the Presidio League. They were moved up to AA-B for the Presidio Cup and were undefeated there too.

The following two years they competed in AA-A for the full Presidio season, each time with strong winning records and berths in numerous tournament finals. Last year the team was promoted to AAA and produced another hard-fought winning season, after which the Manchester Club went through dramatic changes. Coach Muchnick vowed to keep the boys together and successfully transitioned the team to the Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer Club.

Muchnick is quick to credit the boys for the amazing experience it has been. Many of the boys on the team have been playing soccer, baseball and basketball together in Carmel Valley since they were in kindergarten.

“They all work really hard at improving every day. All their success on the soccer field is reason enough to celebrate these talented young men, but when you consider that most of them came straight out of recreational soccer, it’s amazing how well they’ve been able to compete head on with boys that have played competitive soccer all of their lives.”

With the full support of the boys and their families, Muchnick’s team is now poised to take their game to the next level. In January the team traveled to the Vegas Cup, at the end of March they will make their first State Cup appearance, and this July they will journey to the United Kingdom to play in the Keele Cup outside of Manchester. The sky is certainly the limit for this group. When asked where the team will go next, Coach Muchnick smiled and said, “I am excited that we’re visiting Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester this summer and competing in the UK with teams from around the world. In our regular season this fall, we’re taking it up another notch to play in one of the Development Academy Leagues here in Southern California, which is a huge leap but I know the boys can handle it.”

Muchnick, who volunteers his time as coach, holds a competitive coaching “E” license through Cal South. Professionally Dr. Muchnick holds a Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology, is an online business school professor, and is founder of People First Group, a management consulting firm specializing in team building, performance improvement, and leadership development.

Muchnick’s RSF Attack team will be hosting local fundraisers this month – including a bake sale, and a garage sale – to help subsidize the cost of their upcoming team trip to Europe. “LIKE” the Team on Facebook at Attack the Keele Cup for ongoing updates.