Garden project worthy of support


It’s about time.

With talk for years in Del Mar centering on revitalization of the downtown area, residents finally have a chance to see a tangible start to a new look for the city. And all it takes is a simple mark on the ballot.

Proposition G asks voters to approve a specific plan for the Garden Del Mar project, the mixed-use development slated for the site of the city’s last remaining gas station. It will feature a main restaurant, along with a cafe, retail spaces, a public plaza and office condominiums.

It wasn’t exactly easy getting the Garden on the ballot. Over 60 meetings of a city steering committee and several contentious City Council meetings resulted in a project that many would agree has been analyzed to death. If there is an “I” that hasn’t been dotted or a “T” that hasn’t been crossed, we’d like to hear about it.

But don’t get us wrong, that examination wasn’t a bad thing. It has, thanks to the dedication of the committee, resulted in a project that has addressed so many questions and concerns that we feel there is no discernable reason not to support it. But included are plenty of reasons to support Prop G.

The southern end of the city has been crying for new retail space, and with plentiful underground parking the project addresses a longtime concern in the city. Although connective sidewalks to the main retail area to the north remain lacking, access is not prohibitive and the possible support the project will bring to neighboring retail shops cannot be underestimated. In fact a domino effect on revitalization throughout the entire city is a very real possibility.

We recommend a YES vote on Proposition G.