Get ready for summer, because here it comes

By Richard Earnest

Mayor, Del Mar

With summer nearly upon us, Del Mar looks toward the season that draws residents and visitors outdoors to enjoy many of our local treasures including the County Fair, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, San Dieguito River Park, and fine dining. While these activities are attractive pursuits, our two miles of pristine beach and two bluff-top parks remain focal points of our coastal village.

Managed by the Community Services Department, our local beach attracts roughly two million patrons each year, with the majority of visitors during the bustling months of June, July and August. While taking great pride in maintaining open space for all to enjoy, city staff continually works to facilitate a balance of private events in the park, Powerhouse Community Center, as well as local surf schools and Junior Lifeguard programs for our children.

Lifeguard headquarters opens at 9 a.m. year-round. The department’s primary duties include water safety, first aid and law enforcement; however, the staff extends their services far beyond as they spend hours each spring and summer visiting local schools, community groups, as well as hosting groups at the tower, in support of beach and safety education.

To best enjoy a safe summer at the beach, lifeguards suggest always having a solid grasp of the local conditions, swimming in front of an open lifeguard tower and never swimming alone.

Conditions are constantly changing each day with variability in swell direction, tides and weather. For up to the minute information, check with lifeguards either by phone at 755-1556, or in person. Additionally, the conditions are posted daily on a board at open lifeguard towers as well as via recorded message at 259-8208.

The City of Del Mar hopes that you find time to enjoy some of our amazing local open space this summer – especially the beach. Local lifeguard and community services staff members are working diligently to uphold their department motto of Safe Fun in the Sun so that all can benefit from the amazing open space that surrounds our small town.