Girl Scout Troop 3892 earns Bronze award — one heart at a time


Junior Girl Scout Troop 3892 members have earned their Bronze Award by working with CPR instructor Beth Sullivan to raise awareness in the community of the importance of becoming certified in CPR, AED (defibrillator) and first aid. In the past year the girls have spent several hours putting together skits and performing for local schools to spread the word on the importance of becoming CPR certified.

Last month, they took part in demonstrating hands-only CPR at Del Mar’s Powerhouse Park as part of National CPR Awareness Week.

“Hands-only CPR has proven to be safe and effective and it’s quick and easy to learn,” says the troop’s leader, Cheryl Sulpizio Chachas. “Nationally, sudden cardiac arrest affects nearly 400,000 people every year, so our troop is committed to raising awareness to get as many people CPR, AED and first-aid certified every two years, if possible.”

The troop completed the aMuse Journey concurrently while earning their Bronze and bridged to Cadettes on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.