Girls in need benefit from work of Salon by the Cove


Awarded “The Heart of Woman Award” by Dr. Phil and most recently a “10 News Leadership Award,” Cartelli, aided by all of the volunteers at Angel Faces, has helped to make the public aware of some of the daily hurdles and struggles that these young ladies must deal with.

“A haircut can mean a great deal to a person’s confidence,” said Michelle Catalano, manager at Salon by the Cove. “To see the looks on the girls’ faces after they’ve had their hair done is just incredible.”

For all of the hairstylists who participated, it’s a chance to be part of a healing transformation. Catalano said, “To see how happy they are when we’re done just feels so good.”

In letters written to the organization, some of the girls expressed gratitude for the inspiration and support they received while at the retreat. Several have taken the initiative and in an effort to “pay it forward,” have ventured out and enlisted to volunteer in their schools and other civic organizations.

In a written testimonial, the parents of an attendee thanked the organization for giving them their daughter back. Another parent whose daughter was burned in a high school science demonstration said that no doctor or therapist has given his daughter what she received from Angel Faces.

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