Give voters the opportunity to vote on the Solana Beach Initiative

Solana Beach residents may have seen an e-blast sent by the Party Policy proponents last week. Once again, the email is full of misleading information. The sponsors state that, “In the months since the Community Center has been open for special events there have been no wild parties, no alcohol incidents, no parking or noise issues.” Of course there have been no ramifications from the private rentals at the Fletcher Cove Community Center. The policy has been in place for only four weeks. Moreover, isn’t the fact that it is smooth sailing so far a testimony to the City’s policy? The policy proposed by the sponsors of the Initiative is far more intense than the current policy in terms of frequency, occupancy, noise and alcohol.

The sponsors of the Party Policy Initiative refuse to accept responsibility for the special election. The only reason there is even the possibility of an election is that the Initiative sponsors refused to give the new Community Center Use policy established by the City Council a chance. Instead, the sponsors asked for a special election, gathered signatures for an election and turned in the signed petition early in order to ensure a special election. They even hired a high-powered election attorney from San Francisco to craft their campaign! Now they are trying to coerce the City Council into adopting their policy using the cost of the special election as leverage. It is ridiculous that in the sponsor’s e-blast they implied the adjacent neighbors want the Special Election; another attempt to shift the blame for this situation away from them! The Initiative sponsors are the reason we are now in this position.

The City should not be run by a few wealthy individuals who want their way and are willing to spend whatever it takes to get it. If the City Council adopts the Party Policy Initiative, they will be rewarding the very people who got us into this mess. An adoption of this policy sends a message to everyone that our elected City officials aren’t really in charge and aren’t capable of making thoughtful decisions in the best interest of


the residents of Solana Beach.

The City Council should not let the sponsors of the Party Policy Initiative back them into the corner. The right thing to do is give the voters the opportunity to vote up or down on the Initiative. It is wrong to adopt the policy and not give our residents a say. It is apparently what they wanted when they signed their names with the signature gatherers.

Kim Burnett