Giving money is personal


I’m responding to Debbie Sandler’s letter “Really Solana Beach, REALLY?” regarding residents declining to donate a dollar to ALS via a CVS store POS purchase.

Can we be more generous? I bet we can. I understand the frustration in that in an affluent community it seems selfish to withhold $1 to help fight a serious disease. But she needs to look at the larger picture.

Giving money is a personal thing, often inspired by something that resonates for each of us on a personal level. Animal well-being is important to me, which is why I have money automatically donated monthly to the ASPCA. My parents have both had cancer, so that also resonates with me. Last year, I held a fundraiser to help women in impoverished countries in Africa. I’ve also bought grocery gift certificates for needy people outside shopping centers.

This isn’t a “look what I’m doing” e-mail. Many do more than I. It’s hard to go anywhere without being asked for a contribution nowadays.

Debbie, take a step back and realize that sometimes we have to prioritize our giving. There are many deserving causes and unless you are giving to all of them then please don’t pass judgment.

Rachel KayDel Mar