Golf tournament a benefit for Jim Ault

Jim Ault, Head Tennis Pro at Pacific Athletic Club in Del Mar, is known throughout San Diego as a great tennis player, a true professional, and an extremely popular tennis

coach who has taught thousands of students, young and old, over the past twenty


In addition, Jim is co-owner of a new boutique wine shop in Del Mar called “The Wine Room” (formerly Fumar), scheduled to re-open in August.

Almost every San Diego resident has heard about Jim or knows him personally ... and those who do know him always have a great story to tell.

Jim is now fighting against his toughest opponent ever encountered: cancer. Diagnosed just months ago with throat and tonsil cancer, Jim has since endured difficult throat surgery and is now undergoing an extreme daily regimen of radiation treatment and chemotherapy over the next seven weeks.

It is Jim’s athleticism and spirit that have kept him strong and focused, in order to make it through these next few months, however painful and rigorous the treatment may be. He is determined to conquer this deadly opponent once and for all and emerge the victor, in this match against cancer.

And now, the San Diego community is supporting Jim by sponsoring a golf tournament in his honor, on Friday, June 26, at 2:30 p.m. at Sail Ho Golf Course in Point Loma. Proceeds from this event will, in part, assist Jim in offsetting medical costs not covered by insurance, while most of the proceeds will go to cancer research, specifically

For more information about the golf benefit, please contact Greg Caledonia or Christianna Wolf