Good work by good people is needed for good government


Terry Cox of Florida and Edith Smith of Virginia want the voters of San Diego County to know the story of “plain ordinary citizens” who went to Congress in January, 1991. Both of our husbands, who were military retirees, suffered severe disability and lost their earned military medical benefit due to an inequity in the law which forced 100 percent disabled military members onto Medicare under age 65 with reduced healthcare benefits.

Terry and I took our husbands’ unjust situation to Congress as “citizens” and found ourselves meeting in the U.S. Capitol with a professional staff member of the United States House Committee on Appropriations named Dave Roberts.

Dave not only took the time to meet with us, listened to our concerns, and tried to think about how to solve the problem, he went so far as to draft legislation making military medical insurance as a second payer to Medicare for disabled military retirees under age 65. Dave worked tirelessly with the Department of Defense and a bipartisan group of Members of Congress to obtain successful passage of this legislation in less than one year!

The eligibility of the disabled for Medicare/Military Medical could be considered the “first step” toward TRICARE for Life, a continued health care benefit for military retirees and their families once they turn age 65. Without Dave’s compassionate courage and strong conviction to take a “first step” and lead the way after listening to “plain ordinary citizens,” would there now be TRICARE benefits for all who have served our nation to earn them?

Little things often make a big difference in the lives of many. We have known Dave for many decades. We want you to know Dave’s custom of listening to “plain ordinary citizens” and getting things accomplished in a bipartisan way for the good of all of us!

Terry Cox

Widow of Staff Sgt. Andrew A. Cox, USA, Ret.

Edith Smith

Widow of Lt.Col. Vincent M. Smith, USMC, Ret.