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  • One View: Looking forward with Michael Dukakis

    Michael Dukakis, 83, former governor of Massachusetts and 1988 Democratic candidate for president, spoke recently to the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club where I am VP for programs. Congressman Scott Peters was there. Also Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and new husband Nathan Fletcher, a likely candidate...

  • Bury train tracks where they are

    Bury train tracks where they are

    As Del Mar considers the future of its rail corridor, I suggest that, rather than digging expensive new tunnels under or around Del Mar, we simply bury the tracks where they are. Take a walk with me to the foot of Fourth Street (Del Mar Heights Road) and then north along the bluff above the train...

  • One View: Summer political scrapbook

    One View: Summer political scrapbook

    No contest? Although the June primary is less than a year away, no Democrat has stepped forward to challenge San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Some speculated that termed-out Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins might run. Although it’s hard to believe she would sit out four years, Toni has formed a fundraising...

  • The carnival of local politics

    The carnival of local politics

    The April 23 column offered a gossipy early preview of the June 2016 elections. Many boldface names were dropped along the way. To some this appeared premature. The election is a year away. The general election, with its presidential allure, is 17 months out. But now is the exciting time when campaigns...

  • Big win for Carmel Valley and drivers on I-5

    Big win for Carmel Valley and drivers on I-5

    On May 21, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to rescind its earlier 7-2 approval of the zone-busting One Paseo Grande proposal for a shopping center with residential towers along Del Mar Heights Road in Carmel Valley. A successful citizens petition required that the council either rescind...

  • Local 2016 races taking shape now

    Local 2016 races taking shape now

    BY GORDON CLANTON With the June 2016 California primary about a year away, key local races already are shaping up. Political players are moving into position. Campaigns are being launched and scuttled as political hopefuls get into and out of emerging races. Political gossip swells. An unanticipated...

  • Footnotes and fragments

    Footnotes and fragments

    By Gordon Clanton Keynoter. California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome will speak Thursday, April 3, at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.  Info at www.rsfdem.org.  Either Newsome or Attorney General Kamala Harris is likely to be the next governor of California four-plus years from now – sooner...

  • Remembering Lou Terrell

    Remembering Lou Terrell

    By Gordon Clanton My friend Louis Terrell, 75, died Friday, Jan. 3.  He was struck by a northbound Amtrak train while saving his beloved yellow Labrador Retriever Abe.  Lou’s wife is Juvenile Court Judge Carol Isackson. Lou was a retired political science professor and department chair at San Diego...

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