Greener Dawn goes carbon neutral; Company releases analysis


Greener Dawn, a company that had been based in La Jolla and recently opened an office in Solana Beach, partnered with the city of Solana Beach and Del Mar-based nonprofit Nature and Culture International to preserve Southern Ecuadorian forests to offset its carbon footprint.

“We are extremely proud to claim that Greener Dawn has a neutral carbon footprint,” said Courtland Weisleder, president of Greener Dawn.

The company consists of Greener Dawn Climate, which works with business advisers to help provide climate change solutions, and Greener Dawn Inc., which focuses on energy and water efficiency, LEED consulting, energy audits and carbon strategies in real


“Establishing a carbon footprint is the first step to identifying and reducing GHG emissions,” said Michael Chang, Greener Dawn’s energy and carbon consultant. The company released its initial Carbon Footprint Analysis Report this month.

The analysis, performed while operating from a temporary office, identified employee commuting and purchased electricity as the largest emissions sources. By strategically relocating its headquarters to a 100 percent naturally ventilated space in Solana Beach, Greener Dawn reduced its total green house gases by 31.5 percent. Emissions from commuting fell 48.3 percent and the carbon intensity of the office decreased 81.2 percent. The remaining emissions are mitigated through the Solana Beach Appeal program.

Nature and Culture International’s Living Forest Offset Program allows local residents and businesses the opportunity to combat global warming, protect biodiversity and help local Ecuadorians live sustainably.

“Our mission is to lead by example both regionally and nationally. We believe that all companies in the United States should perform a carbon footprint analysis to showcase their triple bottom line,” Weisleder said.