Halloween safety tips offered


The Burn Institute issued this advice for a safe Halloween:

On Saturday, October 31, millions of children will be trick or-treating in celebration of Halloween. However, there are many fire and burn hazards lurking around the corner which could potentially ruin this bewitching holiday. The Burn Institute offers the following tips to help keep your Halloween safe from fire and burns:

· Wear only flame-resistant or flame-retardant costumes and accessories.

· Do not illuminate pumpkins, walkways and yards with candles - use small, inexpensive flashlights

or battery-powered, “flameless” candles.

· Never use an open flame inside a paper luminary bag.

· Consider fire safety when decorating - do not overload electrical outlets with holiday lighting or special effects.

· Make sure there are no decorations blocking your exit doors.

· Plan and practice a home fire escape plan with every member of your family; create your personalized fire escape plan online at www.burninstitute.org.

· Keep matches and lighters away from children.

· Make sure your children know and practice the rule: “STOP, DROP and ROLL, COOL, and CALL 9-1-1” – It could save a life!

To learn more about fire and burn prevention, visit the Burn Institute at www.burninstitute.org.