‘Hands Across the Sand’ join at Torrey Pines


On Saturday, at high noon, thousands gathered at beaches around the U.S. and in 38 countries to show their support for healthy coastlines and their distaste for offshore drilling.

The event, called “Hands Across the Sand,” was publicized by organizations including the Sierra Club, MoveOn and the Surfrider Foundation, and included San Diego beach sites from Oceanside to Imperial Beach.

The local gathering at Torrey Pines State Beach seemed very informal at first, with barely a handful of people. But they were resourceful. Lacking a sign to alert other participants, they used cobblestones to etch the event’s name in the sand.

Interested passersby joined the line facing the ocean, and by noon, about 40 beach-lovers of all ages stood hand-in-hand for 15 minutes in solidarity with hundreds of others along the coastline of San Diego County who were doing the same.

Will this visual expression of public concern have any effect on future energy policy? Only time will tell.

— Lonnie Burstein Hewitt