Happy as clams

It was MARE (Marine Activities Resource and Education) Week at R. Roger Rowe School last week. Students studied all different kinds of marine habitats and animals in special rotations and talks.

Among their busy week of activities, the third-grade classes got to dissect clams.

“As scientists, this is a privilege,” teacher Lorenzo Cervantes told the children as the clams were handed out. “These are not toys; we are using them to gather information and learn something.”

Cervantes and fellow teacher Angela Cueva told the kids they didn’t want to hear any complaints about their smell or slimy insides.

“Scientists don’t say ‘eww,’ ” Cueva said.

The warnings were not needed as the third-graders seemed fascinated and even excited by the clams.

Rowe is currently working on a partnership with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to bring more ocean education to the classroom, not just in MARE week.