‘Happy Happens’ SD tourism campaign kicks off


The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau Wednesday unveiled its $8 million “Happy Happens’’ tourism advertising campaign, which is timed to draw visitors to the region during the summer travel season.

The campaign promotes San Diego as a “feel happy’’ place, where visitors can find happiness through the region’s plentiful sunshine, outdoor lifestyle, friendly people and fun activities, according to ConVis.

Television ads will run through early June in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Francisco, according to ConVis. Radio advertisements will be broadcast in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, according to ConVis, which will also roll out national

online and print spots.

Mayor Jerry Sanders joined officials from ConVis at the Omni Hotel San Diego to announce the start of what he described as an “aggressive campaign’’ that “will send the message to travelers nationally to visit our region.’’

“It’s going to invite them to experience what many of us are looking for in these stressful economic times -- a positive outlook and happy mood.’’

According to ConVis, tourism generates nearly $8 billion annually for the local economy and employs 164,000 people in San Diego.



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