‘Haste makes waste’ — especially when it comes to Del Mar Village Specific Plan


Isn’t Del Mar moving too fast with their Village Specific Plan? What they are asking us to comment on and vote on in November doesn’t include required details of everything that it is supposed to per state law and the Community Plan.

It doesn’t include the specifics about the parking structure, which, by state law, requires “other essential facilities proposed to be located within the area covered by the plan and needed to support the land uses described in the plan.” The parking structure is surely required to support the new intensive land uses!

The Plan doesn’t include the required “Design Standards by which development will proceed.” They are planned to be adopted


we have voted on the Plan.

The Plan doesn’t include the required specific “program of financing measures to carry out all the required elements.” Which financing measures will be adopted


we have voted on the Specific Plan?

These are just three major required items

not included

in the Specific Plan! What else isn’t? In fact, it looks to me like the Plan we are still discussing, after a lot of “public input” by the same people, is the same unchanged Plan we started out with!

“Haste makes waste.” Why don’t we take the time to fully incorporate

all of the required details in the specific plan before we vote on it?

Ralph Peck

Del Mar