Health care for baby boomers poses challenge for families, raises demand for caregivers

By Colleen Van Horn, RN, BSN, PHN, CCM

Health care for baby boomers

is likely to be one of the great challenges of this century, according to a recent report published by the

Huffington Post

  1. As of today, there are five individuals under the age of 65 for every one individual over 65; by 2050, that ratio will be reduced to three to one. With this decrease in potential caretakers, we are likely to see a marked increase in the number of family members who must take on elder care for aging loved ones. And while this in turn will no doubt increase the need for professional caregivers in the workforce, it also underscores the benefit of working with a geriatric care manager to implement a caretaking plan early and plan ahead for the future.

Moving ahead into the era of aging baby boomers means facing the challenge of providing adequate senior care with limited human, medical and economic resources. While Medicare remains in place to help offset health care costs, the federal program does not cover in-home care for aging individuals – many of whom will have to fund such care out-of-pocket, or else turn to their families for assistance. With the economy still struggling to right itself in the wake of the recession, both of these options may prove difficult for families with aging parents; and with chronic illnesses taking an increasingly heavy toll on our society, caregivers may be faced with the challenge not only of aiding their loved ones, but of caring for themselves as well.
Such prospects may seem daunting; and indeed, the coming years will likely prove difficult for many families here in San Diego and throughout the nation. However, the best defense against these difficulties is to plan ahead: and with help from professional geriatric care managers, families have the chance to get skilled assistance and advice -- and make the best possible choices for the future.


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