Help name lamb at Helen Woodward Animal Center

A 9-pound, black and white lamb -- nicknamed “Johnny Doe” -- arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe on Feb. 15.

Johnny Doe’s mother gave birth to him and two siblings in Ramona on Feb. 11. Most sheep are born as twins. Since Johnny’s mom had three babies, unless there was an intervention, one of them would have died. Helen Woodward Animal Center education manager Christy Dunn picked up the baby and drove him to the animal center, which is now his permanent home.

The animal center is currently holding a contest to find a permanent name for “Johnny Doe.” People can suggest a name in exchange for a $10 donation. The final name will be chosen by two independent judges.

Johnny Doe is a “hair sheep,” which means he will be covered with hair instead of wool. As his hair grows, he will shed, instead of being sheared. Once he’s fully grown, he is expected to weigh around 150 pounds.

He is currently being bottle fed every four hours. In about a week, he’s expected to begin eating grain and hay.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, to make a donation or submit a name, call (858) 756-4117 or visit