Here they go again

Look out Solana Beach voters! The same people that talked you into signing their petition for the upcoming costly special election are at it again.

This time they want you to believe that our City Council doesn’t have the right to challenge a farmed-out report that failed to fully disclose and analyze the impacts of Prop B. They also want you to believe Prop B will not have negative impacts.

On Nov. 26 our City Attorney sent a letter to the author of the report informing her “The Report does not discuss or analyze the following significant impacts .…” Our city attorney’s letter goes on to list numerous important significant impacts that were not disclosed in the report. For example, the fiscal impacts related to potential legal challenges to the poorly worded Prop B. In addition, there will be important impacts on the community that will result from changes to our city codes, including negative impacts caused by creating a special exemption to parking codes.

Lets get the facts straight. The “report” that Prop B proponents are desperately trying to hang their hat on was not mandated by law. Further, the report was not binding and did not make any representation that it was comprehensive or complete. It was merely an incidental informational report. The Council had every right to reject it.

This not the first, second or even third time that a Solana Beach City Council has rejected the conclusions of a commissioned report. Councils have challenged and rejected past reports on traffic, parking and other environmental studies done on the I-5 Freeway widening, Magellan/Gateway hotel condominium project, Cedros Crossing Train Station project and the Vons expansion. If you live near one of those projects then you’ve benefited from this Council’s diligent oversight. In truth, we’ve all benefited.

It is our City Council’s job to protect all neighborhoods and the public’s access to our beach and parks. Vote “No” on Prop B to ensure your City Council retains the right to protect


of Solana Beach — because next time it might be you that’s impacted.

Don’t let the Prop B proponents fool you again. They’ve already cost taxpayers $200,000 for THIS first special election. And who will pay for the next election that will be required to fix the problems created by Prop B?

Who will pay the hefty legal fees required to defend the lawsuits that are waiting to be filed as a result of the poorly written language in Prop B? We, the taxpayers, will


pay for the mistakes of those that brought us Prop B.

When you vote on Feb. 11 vote “No” on Prop B! It’s easy to remember that B = Bad News!

Ona Russell

Solana Beach