Hill students help recycle cell phones


Every year, Americans throw away enough garbage to cover 47,000 square miles. One of the worst eco-offenders is an item that didn’t exist a few decades ago — the cell phone, and that was the target of a recent Del Mar Hills Academy effort.

As part of its new recycling program, the school held a cell phone drive, with proceeds helping to build a sustainable home for a disabled veteran.

Mrs. Hemrick’s 4th grade class contributed over 200 phones and pieces and beat out the other classes. The winning class won a pizza party for their efforts.

The school is partnering with Green Beach America to connect to the community.

The proceeds of the recycling efforts and the sales from the Green Beach Exchange — a thrift store selling new and used donated building materials and home accessories — will help Green Beach reach their goal of providing a fully accessible home for Lance Weir, the first candidate.

Weir is a disabled veteran and recipient in waiting of a sustainable Green Beach home that will allow him to live independently and be more self-sufficient.. He served as a Marine, became injured and is now a quadriplegic.

For more information contact www.greenbeach america.org or Dasha Hervey at (619) 823-8858.