Hits and misses in Solana Beach

By Mark Tiddens

Resident, Solana Beach

The new seabird statue in Fletcher Cove Park in Solana Beach looks great! It is beautiful and it fits nicely into the trees on the right so that it doesn’t “stick out” and your eyes are pleasantly surprised when it “appears!”

The Highway 101 ideas look great. It will be amazing what this will do for Solana Beach.

And thank you Jonathon Horn for your great articles in the Solana Beach Sun on Solana Beach.

Fletcher Cove Park looks great and the city has been maintaining it very well.

A “miss” was the Plaza street renovation. It ended up looking much worse than it did before, despite the beautiful artist depiction. It only succeeded in taking the palm trees, a California icon, almost completely out of the view and now you just see a “piece of junk” in the middle of weeds. (I know — it is modern art, which is in the eye of the beholder, in the middle of intentionally planted grasses — and actually it was just fine when it was a minor feature before the change). The whole area looks plainer, more vacant and you also now see the buildings more clearly — instead of palm trees.

Another big “miss” was the train station development. There will never be a better proposal for the use of that area, although I guess the same plan can be implemented sometime in the future.

Now, if we could get sand on our beaches so that we truly be named Solana “Beach” and so our residents and visitors can be attracted to our beaches to patronize our businesses.

Finally, we should be careful if the train station starts charging for parking. If that happens, we must make sure there is no overnight parking allowed in our city anywhere within a mile of the train station. Already we have a problem with people from all over the county parking overnight and for several nights in some of our parking lots for free while they use the train to go to the airport on trips for days, save 100 percent on parking, and take up our valuable parking spaces.