Home buyer demographics show “echo boomers” poised to revive ownership stats

Home buyer demographics may play a key role in real estate market developments over the next few years.

By Kelly Pottorff & Tammy Tidmore

Despite local real estate market gains over the past few months, homeownership is down on the national level – and has been for some time. However, a recent

Business Insider

report indicates that the country’s home ownership statistics may be in for a change – and that

home buyer demographics

lie at the root of the anticipated market shift. By organizing current homeowners by age, analysts point out that baby boomers are today’s highest homeownership group. But these days, so-called “echo boomers” – that is, children of the baby boomer generation – are approaching the age at which they, too, will be increasingly likely to own homes.

According to the latest Moody’s analysis, echo boomers have begun entering “the 30 to 45-year-old cohort” of the population – the age group that “traditionally makes the largest gains in homeownership.” Data drawn from 2011 shows that the sharpest increase in homeownership indeed occurs within this jump from the 25 to 29-year-old cohort to the 30 to 45-year-old cohort. In other words, echo boomers are likely to make up a sizeable portion of the coming year’s prospective homeowners: and with more of these individuals spilling into the market, the future looks optimistic for home sales and inventory demand.

Local demographics and Del Mar real estate

Whether you are a seller hoping to cash in on increased market demand, or a prospective buyer trying to navigate the San Diego real estate market, awareness of real estate demographics can be a useful complement to knowledge about the general state of the market. And when it comes to assessing your prospects and making informed choices, the best way to utilize such information is with the help of an experienced real estate agent.


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