Hostility extends to the young and the incontinent

By John Haraden

Del Mar

Del Mar’s proposed rate changes for solid waste seek cachet as a green city but continue impression as a cruel city. Maintaining the current rate charges for a 64-gallon solid-waste container penalizes toddler-owning and elder-caring families that weekly produce 64 gallons of disposable diapers, chucks, and associated waste.

Pushed to larger containers, these families pay a baby tax for inexperienced or fatigued bowels and bladders.

Del Mar’s pay as you throw program becomes a pay as you defecate program. Del Mar’s hostility to the property owners automatically extends to the young and the incontinent.

Del Mar’s neighbors then further ridicule the community as the city with the baby tax. Although the city council members may never achieve political maturity, they may acknowledge their errors as the council members age in their over-stuffed chairs, join the depends generation, pay the baby tax, and suffer the indignity of purchasing disposable under-garments.

As they manage the logistics of soiling, the council members may recognize the futility of transforming Del Mar into Brigadoon and halt their denigration of East County.

That denigration lacks punch since East County residents have more freedom with their bodily wastes.