How Carmel Valley really feels


I was thrilled to see how many people attended the Aug. 28 Carmel Valley Planning Board meeting to express their opposition to Kilroy’s One Paseo project. County Supervisor Dave Roberts even showed up to voice his concerns. It was inspiring to see the community united against this project.

To see everyone in the community make the effort to come to out to this meeting on the Thursday before a long weekend and on a back-to-school night speaks volumes about how deeply the community would like to see something smaller on this site. I think it is safe to say that Kilroy can no longer make any credible claim that their interests reflect the will of the greater Carmel Valley community. This demonstration of opposition, from the hundreds that packed the auditorium and spilled over outside to those who spoke passionately about this project’s impacts, proves the community’s true opposition to this project. One only had to look around the auditorium and see Kilroy and its consultants, squeezed into the front of the auditorium and completely engulfed by a crowd of Carmel Valley residents wearing “No On THIS One Paseo” buttons, to know where the community stands.

I am committed to stand with my community again in opposition to the current One Paseo project at the Sept. 11 Carmel Valley Community Planning Board meeting to urge the board’s rejection of this inappropriate project. I urge others to join me.

Lynwood Lary