How Del Mar got its television station, part II

Presented by Joe Jelley

Once the Del Mar TV station was built there was the problem of creating a group to run and control the station. Since it belonged to the city, it seemed right that residents participate. Initially, two groups were appointed by the city: the five-member Community Television Advisory Committee and the nonprofit Foundation for Del Mar Community Cable Television, with 25 members. Unfortunately, most of the nonprofit members never showed up for meetings. Without a quorum there wasn’t a lot the group could accomplish. Conflicts erupted and the group lacked organization with the lack of authority.

"[James Tetrault, who had just become mayor,] and I felt the station should be run like a business,” Turner said. “Jim wanted to get things done the right way and wanted to stop the station from operating. I told him to give me two weeks.”

Turner shifted control of the foundation from the 25-member committee, which disbanded, to the five-member CTAC. Major James Tetrault then asked Turner to be one of the five members on the board and the committee appointed an experienced station manager.

The next major transformation of the TV station occurred in 1999, when a new franchise agreement was approved, reducing funding for the public access station by a third.

With support from the city of Del Mar, the bylaws were rewritten for the then-inactive Foundation for Del Mar Television. It was then established as a 501c3 foundation, independent of the city. The name was changed to the Del Mar Television Foundation.

Pete Glaser, who had recently retired and discovered the fledgling station three blocks from where he lived, became heavily involved in the foundation and reorganizing the station.

The foundation has since allowed Del Mar residents and aspiring producers an opportunity to be involved in the creation of television shows. It also provides an enormous amount of archival documentation for the city of Del Mar and its events.

The new foundation created a “Producers Group” for individuals wishing to exercise their creative talents by producing programs for Del Mar TV.

It also funds a monthly Producers Showcase, which helps members hone their TV production skills and also provides interesting programming for Del Mar TV.

Popular Del Mar TV productions include “Coffee in Del Mar,” “Coffee Talk,” “Kids News” and “Hot Topics,” a discussion style talk show about current local issues facing the citizens of Del Mar.

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