How I became a ‘Party Girl’ at 88

The first step in totally changing my dull image was to get involved in a civic, educational, charitable or some type of community group. These groups have — for the most part — quiet, some might say boring meetings. They occasionally have luncheons or potluck dinners. On very special occasions, like 60th anniversaries, a catered affair; in this case, by affair, we are talking about food. For 40 years that I know of, I and certain other members of these groups thought we were just old-fashioned do-gooders. Recently, at one of the Solana Beach City Council meetings, the opponents of the reasonable use of the Solana Beach Community Center called supporters of its reasonable use the party people. Wow, from boring to cool overnight. So, at 88 years of age, I finally made it -— I am a party girl.

As a member of one or more of the aforementioned groups, I supported the effort of those volunteers to repair, remodel and reopen the one and only ocean view Community Center in Solana Beach. This small facility had a long established use for weddings, anniversaries and other events important to the people who live here. Before incorporation, people from anywhere in the county could rent it, but now that local taxes are used for its maintenance, only our residents can get a permit to use it.

Actually, few groups will use the center because of its limited capacity. For a sit-down dinner, the limit is 50 people, counting the required caterers, security guard, and trained bartender if serving the two-glass limit of wine or beer, per person, per party. As for the new neighbors, we are sorry that the sunsets are so magnificent that they never noticed the old Community Center sign when they bought or built their new houses nearby. What are we supposed to do now? Give up residents’ right to use a facility they are paying for with tax money?

The opponents of the center’s reasonable use have dubbed supporters as the party people, so that makes them the party poopers. I can reassure the party poopers they have nothing much to worry about because most of us party people are too tired to stay out after 10, and we don’t need dance music because most of us have trouble with our knees and don’t dance. We can’t hear too well, so we frown on loud music playing while we are talking, which is one of our favorite things to do at a party.

So come on all you formerly fun people — join the party people and have a good time, it’s later than you think. Vote “yes” on Prop. B.

Celine Olson,

Solana Beach