I am not retired — Socrates, WMDs and One Paseo?

Socrates? And One Paseo? In response to a recent Letter to the Editor, here are some questions I’d like to humbly submit for consideration... attempting the Socratic method:

•Of all the money spent to support the “No on One Paseo” efforts, how much of it was funded by the Del Mar Highlands mall across the street?

•If Kilroy had signed an exclusive union labor agreement for the construction of the project, would Mayor Filner’s opinion on the project have been different?

•With San Diego projected to grow, is it better to increase density in urban areas, or is it better to urbanize more open land or farmland in east county?

•Can we continue to support our growing biotech and technology communities without increasing density?

•Can the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board help me find a parking spot at Ralphs?

•Is it distasteful and/or disrespectful to our veterans to put Iraq and One Paseo in the same article?

•What do Peggy Noonan, the European and Israeli Intelligence Services or the Wall Street Journal have to do with helping me buy affordable movie tickets?

• Will my kids have better career opportunities in a more business-friendly city?

•If we as a community are committed to no growth policies when it comes to land use, should I move my family out now before we slide down the rankings?

•A licensed Professional Traffic Engineer registered in the State of California performs his or her study and due diligence, and works with a tool that is recognized and understood; yet because it’s old, it’s considered “garbage”?

• A carpenter’s hammer gets old — is she now “garbage” too?

•What happens when system 12 is released? Should we stop moving forward and wait for that?

•Will the work performed with system 11 then be “GIGO”?

• Is it better to sit down at the table and come to an agreement, or is it better stop progress?

• Agree to disagree? Verify? Stall? Why not work to an agreement, write the check and move forward?

Brooks Roffey

Carmel Valley