I am retired – getting things done

In response to the question, Can the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board help me find a parking spot at Ralphs?

Donahue Schriber Reality Group provides a shuttle service that runs daily on-site at Del Mar Highlands Town Center. Here is a link to their website with the various parking solutions at the center:

In response to the question of “helping me buy affordable movie tickets?”

Costco sells discounted movie tickets.

In response to the question “a carpenter’s hammer gets old – is she now garbage too?”

If the claw hammer no longer is able to pull nails, it’s time to replace hammer.

And the same goes for computer systems and software. Yes, you can continue to use an older version of Windows for your home computer but biotech and technology companies to be successful sign licensing agreement to be sure they get upgraded software.

In response to “Why not work to an agreement, write the check and move forward?”

As Mayor Filner surmised, is Kilroy really serious with presenting a proposal for four times the allowable square footage?

Regarding working towards an agreement, that is the Environmental Impact Report process. The public asks questions and we expect answers from Development Services and Kilroy support team. I am glad the issue of writing the check was broached. The mitigation costs for building the reconfiguration of Del Mar Heights Bridge, I-5 ramps and SR-56 connector Flyover are not funded. Kilroy will pay into a fund, its “fair share,” the rest comes from TransNet gas tax and state and Federal grants.

In response to is it better to stop progress or come to an agreement?

The proposed agreement appears to be requiring a phased development approach, so many square feet of mixed use allowed until the mitigation funding is in place.

I would like to address the question of disrespecting our veterans, of which I am one, by mentioning the Iraq war and bad intelligence that got us in a war that has now lasted longer than any American conflict. We veterans protected your rights to speak out on issues, even One Paseo.

Dennis Ridz