I am retired – Serious stuff vs. fluff


Again, many thanks to our local political types for the free national media attention focused on San Diego City Hall. Of course, we could be more like Detroit. San Diego’s pension and infrastructure debt is still staggering. Pension debt is still around $263 million a years out of General funds and we have over 2,300 miles of deteriorating roads.

I am encouraged to hear that our Mayor is going to a two-week course to learn about sexual harassment and human dignity. Apparently, these life sessions were not learned during his stay in Washington, D.C. I learned that when my dog was overly sexually aggressive and tried to hump furniture that a spray of water in the face taught him a quick behavior modification. Wonder if this method would work on people along with a time-out corner for bad behavior. It’s a lot cheaper and avoids legal costs that we all pay for.

OK, enough of serious stuff, it is too depressing. Recently, I attended Doughnut Day at the Del Mar Racetrack. Free parking, doughnuts, juice and coffee, and about two hours of listening to the track announcer, jockeys and trainers. I joined the kids at the rail watching the thoroughbreds on the track going through their workouts. The horses would stop by and stare at the crowd. Maybe they simply wanted a chocolate-sprinkled doughnut. The next doughnut day is Saturday, Aug. 24. This event is a great family outing. The Del Mar Racetrack is the jewel of the Pacific Coast and, in my estimation, unique among America tracks.

Dennis Ridz